VIDEO: See What Police Officers Did To INEC Officials On Their Way To Abuja

Mixed reactions as policemen brutalize some INEC officials on their way back to Abuja after Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Edo state.

According to reports, the ugly incident happened this Monday morning along Auchi Road in Edo.

Eyewitnesses have it that one of INEC drivers had confronted the policemen for hitting the car he was driving. As they were exchanging words, one of the INEC staff came down from the vehicle to introduce them selves to the policemen but they resorted into beating them up.

The policemen rough handled the INEC till the extent of almost hitting on them with their guns. The INEC official who was videoing the incident from his own car was caught and was allegedly struck on the head & his ribs with a rifle.

After the incident, the INEC officials were left stranded by the police officers. As at the time of filing this report, some of them are hospitalized in Edo state.

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