(Video): Ozo Did Not Ignore Nengi, He Danced For Her & Talked A Little With Her

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Information reaching me right now is that Ozo actually didn’t ignore Nengi at the Saturday night party that was held with other evicted housemates.

With a couple of videos to backup my claims, it’s now obvious that Nengi wanted the old Ozo that always followed her up and down.

The hard truth is that Nengi got a tiny taste of what Ozo has felt the past 2 months while he was in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House.

As the Saturday night party started, the evicted housemates were already in the party room vibing and dancing to songs. Before you could know it, Dorathy and Nengi came inside the room and were so excited to see everyone.

Dorathy ran straight to the glass barricade and started waving at the evicted housemates, while Nengi rushed and dropped the things she came into the party room on the table.

After doing that, she moved towards the glass thing (directly facing Ozo) and was screaming in excitement. Ozo danced and whined for her a little.

Moments later, Laycon came inside the party room and was also excited to see all the evicted housemates.

As the party began proper, the housemates were all dancing and having fun with Neo and Vee missing at the party room.

Few minutes later, Neo entered the party room and was equally surprised to see everyone. He jumped, screamed and wanted to touch them through the glass.

At some point in the party, Ozo talked to Nengi but it was so brief and it’s very obvious the glass barricade didn’t allow them have contact. So their talk was from afar.

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