The President of Masters Energy Group, Mr.

Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, has described the

allegation that his company was invited by the Economic

and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), where he

refunded monies to the Pipeline and Products Marketing

Company (PPMC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian

National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as concoction

of lies aimed at tarnishing his impeccable track record

and hard-earned reputation.

In a clarification made at the weekend, Ogah stated that

what transpired between his company and the PPMC

was strictly normal product allocation to major and

independent marketers, which had no relationship with


According to him, as a member of the independent

marketers, Masters Energy oil and Gas was a

beneficiary of an interventionist allocation to major and

independent oil marketers, who were meant to remit back

to the PPMC the proceeds from the sales at no-time-

bar agreement.

Ogah identified the other companies involved in the

interventionist allocation to include members of the Major

Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) and

the NNPC Retail (mega filling stations), which account

for about 85 per cent of the debt, while the independent

marketers owed the balance.

The major marketers involved the normal product

allocation from the PPMC include: NNPC Retail,

Oando, Forte Oil, Nigerian Independent Petroleum

Company (NIPCO), Total Oil, Conoil and Mobil Oil.

The independent marketers include Masters Energy Oil

and Gas Ltd, MRS Oil & Gas, Heyden Petroleum,

Danium Petroleum, A&E Petroleum, Rahamaniyya

Petroleum, Càpital Oil, and Amicable Petroleum. Other

include: Aiteo Petroleum, Honeywell Oil, DM Kurfi,

Ascon Petroleum, Azman Oil, Felande Petroleum,

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Sharon Oil and Zamson Petroleum.

Ogah noted that in line with the sales agreement with the

PPMC and the oil marketing companies, Masters

Energy Group and the major and independent petroleum

marketers had made substantial remittances back to


Ogah described the purported EFCC invitation as a

figment of the imagination of his detractors, stressing that

his company’s legal department or himself did not receive

any invitation either by the EFCC or any other anti-

corruption agency.

He said it was malicious and ill-intentioned for anyone

to peddle falsehood and lies against his person and

Masters Energy Group just to score cheap political


Ogah urged his detractors to concentrate on improving on

governance and service delivery to the people and desist

from mudslinging of notable personalities from Abia

State, whose offence was their decision to defend their

rights using legal channels made available by the

constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Abians should continue to trust in God who has made

Dr. Uche Ogah a willing tool for use in the liberation

of the state from prebendalism and neopatrimonalism and

not be distracted from their prayers and believe that God

has heard our prayers and the time for Abia to Rejoice

is here,” Ogah said.

Ogah insisted that he had demonstrated an impeccable

track record of integrity, honesty, hard work and

humility in his private life, businesses and politics and

vowed to institute legal actions against anyone involved

in any attempt to tarnish his reputation.

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