This Is Not Lagos or Abuja, This Is A Village In Abia State (Photos)

This Is Not Lagos or Abuja, This Is A Village In Abia State (Photos)

The village is located in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia state.

If you’ve come in contact with anybody from this place and gone on visitation there, you’ll notice that the “Abiriba” is pronounced as “Ebiriba“.

According to history, the origin of the Abiriba people is not as speculative as the origin of other Igbos of southeastern Nigeria. There are facts that they descended from the Igbo and Efik people of Calabar and historical evidence supports this.

The historical evidence equally supports that they migrated from the upper Cross River area, many centuries ago led by a Nnachi Oke, from whom the title “Enachioken” (“The Monarch”) originates.

Abiriba is one village that has 2 stadiums, a general hospital, water board, library, churches, court, a tower, good roads etc all built by her people and individuals.

Going by the pictures I attached below, I can tell you some “towns” don’t even look as beautiful as Abiriba. This place is unarguably the most beautiful village in Nigeria.

Abiriba is one village I must admit is the most beautiful in Igbo Land.

I am not talking about beautiful buildings only. The truth of the matter is that I don’t know any country home in Igbo land that has the same serenity as theirs.

If you ever need a place to be calm and feel nature, Abiriba is one of the most relaxing place I have ever been. It’s far from the hustle in the city and everything is green there with undiluted fresh air.

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