“This Is A Powerful Message” — See What Kaduna Youths Told Armed Police Officers That Blocked Them

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Here is a powerful moment, Kaduna youths got blocked by armed policemen and all of a sudden, they started chanting “We No Hold Gun, We No Dey Fight”.

The police officers who were deployed to disperse the youths who were protesting in the #EndSARS campaign, felt empathy and decided to calm the protesters down.

The Police DPO who was touched most by what the protesters were chanting, knelt down and pleaded with them to calm down, that their cries about SARS and Police brutality have been heard.

In a video making rounds online, it clearly shows how everything went down between the protesters and the armed policemen.

The video literally brought tears in the eyes of social media users, with many saying that they have never been so proud of this generation and Nigeria youths.

“We are not lazy youths, we’re just patient, we know how to endure and sort ourselves, but we have been pushed to the wall,” a female social media user said.

Watch The Video Below

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