Thief Caught Stealing iPhone In Lagos [Video]

Watch The Video Below

If I talk now, some people will start shouting it’s the situation of the country that is forcing many to venture into stealing.

But it’s so crazy how people can just walk into a supermarket with the intentions of stealing, without having a second thought if you’ll caught.

Well here is a moment a man was caught on closed-circuit (CCTV) camera stealing iPhone at BLENCO Supermarket in Sangotedo, Lagos.

The man who should be in his 40’s, walked into the supermarket with no intention of buying anything and made away with an already bought iPhone by another customer.

In the CCTV footage making rounds online, the man walked into the supermarket, moved towards the shelf were goods were displayed, turned and went out.

On his way out, he saw a bag in a trolley (shopping cart) outside the supermarket, he unzipped it and found an iPhone inside of it.

He snappily took the phone and made away with it.

He didn’t know that CCTV camera outside and inside the supermarket captured his face and the moment he committed the crime

It’s gathered that the owner of the bag inside the trolley (shopping cart) went into the supermarket to quickly pick a forgotten item she’d bought.

However, a manhunt has been launched on him and probably will be apprehended soon.

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