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See What Ajimobi’s Wife Did After Her Husband’s Burial

Oyo state politicians went to pay condolence visit to Ajimobi’s wife and she started throwing serious tantrums. That they have not been calling her o.

Infact she said she is entitled to so much.

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7 Replies to “See What Ajimobi’s Wife Did After Her Husband’s Burial

  1. Mrs Florence Ajimobi the wife of the late ex-governor of Oyostate was herself hot tempered. At this situation, you keep your temper at low. According to Lagbaja’s popular hit track “COOLU TEMPER” …… She is playing politics with her husband’s death, afterall she’s going to be in- charge of everything.

  2. She has misplaced prioties. If she were really in pains, she will not know those who called her and those who did not, those who visited and those who did not. You can even hear the sharpness of her voice like Amara whose beans is hand grinding.

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