This post is neither a mockery nor a bigotry one, but a content to really open our eyes on what the educational system in this country has turned into.

Apparently the government are doing nothing when it comes to the educational standard in the north.

Below is a video that got tongues wagging, with the way some JSS3 Students of a school in Kano recited the 36 States and capital in Nigeria with so much nonchalance.

Even some of the northern states which they’re supposed to be acclimatized with, were recited like is non of their business at such level of education.

iamkarlima Thank God and my father I am not from the north very useless people and na this one go they claim born to rule looters people wey kill this country

official_frankyobasi20 All dis northerners can never get sense, no be swear

tobias_abarah Clap hands for them, tomorrow they’ll be assigned INEC chairman, National population Director, or any position so desired to be given, van you imagine? Quite disgusting.

pinovibes Bayelsa people have suffer how can dey say your state capital is Enazwa that one sounds like an insult

chitonifeco These are still our future first ladies because those politicians in their place will soon marry them and they’ll be the madam of the house😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

gracias_4all Baylesa- yanazua. Ebonyi- abakiki😁😁😁😁😁. They might be smart, they just can’t pronounce words well

To Watch The Video Click HERE

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