The Returned Oba’s Staff is Fake – Royal Prince Calls Out Oba Of Lagos (Video)

The royal prince to the Oba of Lagos has called out the Oba of Lagos and his chiefs for replicating the staff of office.

He accused the Oba of Lagos of lying to the people that hoodlums returned the original staff of office.

The royal prince also asked the Oba of Lagos and his chiefs to stop deceiving the people, insisting that the news of the returned staff is fake.

Recall that the staff of office of the Oba of Lagos was stolen during the invasion of the Oba’s palace by thugs last week.

A ritual was was performed six days after the Oba’s staff of office was stolen at Isale Eko to bring the staff back to the palace.

Surprisingly, sources from the Oba’s palace revealed that the staff of office has been turned to the palace.

Videos and photos of a procession of the Oba’s chiefs and palace officials were seen online to welcome the Oba and his staff of office to the palace.

However the royal prince and some other naysayers have claimed that the Oba’ staff is not the original staff which was stolen during the invasion by thugs.

Watch the video:

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