Popular Zimbabwean Pastor, Prophet Uebert Angel who while disclosing how much he has missed his wife called some of his Instagram followers ‘idiots’, has defended himself.

Sharing a photo in which he carried his wife, Beverly, Prophet Uebert Angel wrote;

“MISS her like some IDIOTS miss my POINT here on my Instagram posts… trust me THATS A LOT OF MISSING!!!
#GoodNews ***Many IDIOTS will miss the whole point of me missing my wife and go straight to defending FOOLS … see it for yourself… when you see it’s ask yourself why THEY MISS THE MAIN POINT and why their eyes only saw the word FOOL and not the main point of me MISSING MY WIFE!”

However after he got called out over the post in which he called some of his followers ‘idiots’, Prophet Uebert Angel who defended himself in a rejoinder post wrote;

“I don’t know why you defend fools but you know better.. here are the facts… I don’t know who taught you such nonsense? The bible calls FOOLS 69 times as FOOLS. This is no opinion. This is FACT and if a minister of GOD can’t call a FOOL a FOOL just like the BIBLE says then that minister has lost his oil. God is THEOCRATIC not DEMOCRATIC like you are trying to play him. The bible also says A FOOL SAID THERE IS NO GOD. That’s the bible and we should follow the bible. It’s not talking to Christians. You need to leave this LEFTIST AGENDA. The bible you have to follow or go home. I wrote to provoke minds like yours that strangle one scripture forgetting that the bible calls FOOLS as FOOLS 69 TIMES. It forbids calling a Christian such names . You miss the point of people of God and children of God… and before you say WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD …Jesus my Lord and saviour thought different… he called some YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL that means you knew the difference. You are here defending CHILDREN OF DEVILS … ask yourself why?”

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