Pregnant Woman Allegedly Beaten To Death By Her Husband [Photo]

Man allegedly beats his pregnant wife to death after taking his pastor along to beg and bring her back home following their initial separation due to constant abuse.

A Facebook user, Prince Iyase Kelvin, who happens to be the brother to the deceased broke the sad news.

According to him, his sister’s husband is the sole culprit in her death and should be seen as a murderer.

“This man in the picture, is the reason behind her death. He turned his wife to a punching bag for reasons best known to him. To the extent that our family had to retrieve her and the two kids she gave birth to for him.

One would have thought that my sister would take that ad a relief, but love kept finding its way back.

She will go as far as clandestinely frolicking with him and along the line she conceived her third and last child.

Sometime last year, this man came in company of his family and a pastor, begging to have his wife back. He promised not to molest her ever again and my sister agreed joyously to go back to him.

This woman beater now killer, still beat my pregnant sister mercilessly again. Hitting her stomach to the point that it affected her Uterus.

My sister entered emergency labour and was booked for a cesarean section (CS).

The baby was successfully delivered but complications from the internal injuries she suffered, led to her death,” he said.

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