“Pilot Turn This Plane & Drop Me” — Drama As Lady Refuses Flight Takeoff Because Of Her Bag

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In the early hours of yesterday, October 14, 2020, there was a serious drama in a plane enroute Lagos from Abuja, after a Nigerian lady stopped the flight from flying because she refused the flight attendants from putting her bag in the upper cabinet or on the floor.

According to her, the hand bag was too expensive for it to be in the cabinet or on the floor.

The lady after much pleading from the flight officials, still blatantly refused and that angered other passengers.

In a video that was captured by an eyewitness, Belinda Effa, who is a Nollywood actress, the lady later asked that the pilot of the plane should turn around and drop her off.

The pilot had to make a sudden U-Turn and security and flight officials escorted her out of the plane.

She was reportedly handed over to the police unit at the airport because it’s against aviation rule to ground the flight in such manner because of an ordinary handbag & were to put it.

Before she was kicked out of the plane, it took so much time, as the lady decided to create unnecessary scene and inconvenience for other passengers.

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