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Pastor Who Inspired ‘May He Suffer For 600 Years’ Receives House Gift, iPhone 11

Godwin Bassey Inyang, a self-acclaimed Nigerian prophet, who inspired the viral “may he suffer for 600 years” video, has been gifted a house by Simon Oshi, a politician.

Chukwudike Akuwudike, a social media comedian, broke the news on Tuesday in a post on his Instagram page.

He also disclosed that Inyang has been enlisted as a member of Prolifick Entertainment, a company owned by the politician.

“The house for @prophet_600_years has been paid for today and an iPhone 11 been given to @prophet_600_years. Thanks to God and again to Hon Oshi for everything and to everyone who has supported,” he wrote.

Inyang also confirmed the development while expressing his amazement at how the incident has impacted his life positively in a short while.

“I don’t even know how to thank God, but thank God for life and big thanks to Hon Oshi for everything. God bless you sir. Thanks to @iamdikeh for putting me out there, I am very grateful,” he wrote.

Inyang, who hails from Akwa Ibom state, became an instant sensation on social media platforms after a video of him and another man engaging in a heated exchange surfaced online.

The drama was said to have started when he visited a yet-to-be-identified street to preach. The young man, who appeared disturbed by Inyang’s message, had tackled him and branded him a “beggar”.

Ostensibly rankled by the development, Inyang had confronted the man and could be heard daring him while vowing to remove his teeth with blows.

“God go punish your papa, Near me, I swear I go commot your teeth now’ he could be heard saying in Pidgin English.

He was also seen raising his hands, looking into the sky and declaring that his abuser “go suffer for 600 years till you go prison, you go thief, them go catch you.”

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