​Ex- President, Olusegun Obasanjo has said that he

does not belong to any political party in Nigeria any


Obasanjo made this known at a function of the National

Commercial Tricycle and Motorcycle Owners and

Riders Association, NACTOMORAS, in Abeokuta,

the Ogun state capital.

Addressing members of the association, Obasanjo said,

“As for me now, I don’t belong to any political party

and I will not belong to any political party. The only

thing that is of concern to me is the greatness of Nigeria.

But let me tell you that I am always available to you

for pieces of advice just as I promise to talk to you the

way I would talk to my own children.”

“You should be rest assured that I will advise you

honestly and sincerely. You know that I am not usually

afraid to tell anyone off, you know I am not afraid to

do so. Let me also advise you against drunkenness and

drug. Don’t get involved in them, because most of the

accidents on our roads have been traced to abuse of drug

and drunkenness among drivers.”

He also said that the economic challenges that bedeviled

the country during the military era led to the entry of

tricycle in the country.

“Before the existence of your organisation, what we

knew in Nigeria were taxi drivers. But because of hard

economic situation in the military government days, Keke

NAPEP came in. I even mandated and made provision

for Keke NAPEP all over the country, because where

ever we may be, we need a means of transportation.”

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“As our population increases, so much more efforts will

be needed to move people from one place to the other as

our urban areas multiply so much that we need to move

people from urban and sub-urban areas,” he said.

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