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“May God Have Mercy” — Pastor Adeboye’s Gives A Corn Seller N10k After Watching Her Pray

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Mixed reactions as Pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke Adeboye gifts a corn seller 10,000 Naira after watching her pray over her charcoal pot before starting business for the day.

Pastor Leke Adeboye was driving by in a Lagos street before sighting the woman making the prayer beside the road.

Moved by what he saw, he came down from his car and gifted the woman N10,000 with cameramen videoing the whole stuff.

After the cash gift, he prayed for the woman and went about his activities.

Subsequently, he posted the videos on his Instagram page but it seems social media users are angry with him for the gesture.

As some are blasting him for the camera he took along with him, others are asking why he gave the woman ordinary N10,000 with so much fanfare. That he should’ve done better, because the money is too small for someone of his calibre and the nature of hardship in this country.

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