Man Faces Prosecution For Assaulting A LASTMA Officer

A man has been arrested in Lagos for beating up and assaulting an officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

The man identified as Emmanuel Ben was arrested after he assaulted officer, Ismaila Lukman who was on his duty post at the Jakande junction in Lekki, Lagos state.

He was arrested following the directives from the Lagos state commissioner for justice, Omoyosore Onigbanjo who stated that the culprit, Mr Emmanuel Ben must be made to face the wrath of the law.

The LASTMA officer was assaulted on Sunday 8th November, 2020 around 2pm by Ben while he was controlling traffic at Jakande junction.

According to reports, Ben approached Lukman and asked him to stop moving cars in order for him to cross the road even with the presence of a pedestrian bridge around the area.

It was reported that Ben proceeded to step into the carriageway in front of moving traffic causing disruption to traffic flow.

An eyewitness reported that Lukman asked Ben to leave the road but Ben threatened him saying that LASTMA officials would be chased off the road like the police. He the proceeded to attack Lukman, hitting him on the head with a metal, which caused Lukman to sustain injury on his head that led him to bleed seriously.

Eyewitnesses also reported that two unidentified passersby joined Ben to assault the LASTMA officer.

Ben is currently at the Ilasan police station, waiting for prosecution after he was arrested with the help of a military patrol and the police.

In a video, Ben can be seen sitting on the floor trying to explain himself after the soldiers must have dealt with him.

Watch the video below;

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Man faces prosecution for assaulting LASTMA official The Lagos state Commissioner for Justice, Omoyosore Onigbanjo, has directed that a man, named Emmanuel Ben who led the assault on a LASTMA Officer, Ismaila Lukman, at the Jakande Junction in Lekki while on his lawful duty around 2.20pm on Sunday 8th November, 2020, be made to face the full wrath of the law. According to a statement released today November 9 by the general manager of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority LASTMA, Engr Olajide Oduyoye, Lukman was on his beat at Jakande Junction controlling traffic manually owing to the destruction of the traffic signal light during the last protest hijacked by hoodlums, when Ben approached him asking that traffic be stopped for him to cross even with the presence of pedestrian bridge nearby which the LASTMA officer said he should avail himself of. The statement adds that Ben allegedly proceeded to step into the carriageway in front of moving traffic causing disruption to traffic flow. ''Lukman then asked him to leave the road and stop disturbing his work. An eye witness said that Ben thereafter threatened that LASTMA officials would be chased off the road like the police and attacked Lukman hitting him on his head with a weapon that seems to be a metal, causing serious laceration resulting in flow of blood. Ben was joined in the officer’s assault by two passersby who are currently at large while Ben was arrested with the help of the military patrol and police around the area, he’s currently at the Ilasan Police Station for prosecution at the earliest possible time. If you recall, the General Manager of LASTMA was similarly assaulted resulting in injuries to him along this corridor at that same Jakande area at the end of June this year. Oduyoye vows that LASTMA will not shy away or be cowed into submission from carrying out its lawful duties, no matter the intimidation and promised that anyone caught assaulting LASTMA officers henceforth would be made to face the music under the Law.".

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