Man Dies After Wife Refused Him Entry Into His House In Edo State

This happened in benin city.
His name is endurance but he is fondly called Eddie.

He returned home at around 8 pm and his wife refused to open the door for him, so he wanted to go through the window, he tried breaking the window that was when he got an injury in his hand and the window was filled with blood only for the neighbors to wake up in the morning to see his dead body in his car with the lights of his car still on.

That very night according to the victim’s sister, she said her brother’s wife called her telling her that her brother came home late again but she refuses to open the door for him, that he tried to break the window but later drove away.

According to eyewitnesses, the couple had been married for a year now and his wife has been complaining about his staying late outside his home.

According to police investigating the matter, he said the wife is at Ekiadolor police station for questioning, they said he cut his vein by mistake while trying to break the window the previous night. -Amanda Chisom ‘Wall

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