Madagascar Asks Nigeria To Pay N78.2m For COVID-19 Herbal Remedy

The Republic of Madagascar has reportedly asked Nigeria to pay 170,000 Euros (N78.2m) for the COVID-19 herbal remedy sent to the country.

This was made known by TheNation in a recent publication, as the media outlet claimed that Madagascar sent an invoice to Nigeria as the drug is not to be made available for free.

The source reportedly said;

“For our consignments in Guinea Bissau, Madagascar has asked Nigeria to pay over €170,000. We have received the invoice because the African country has made us to realise that the drugs are not being given out free.

“We are being asked to pay for the drugs yet to be validated. Since the AU directed the supply of the drugs to African countries, we may have no choice than to pay for it.

This payment may, however, be one-off because mass importation of the drugs from Madagascar will not be cost effective. By the time we take into account the cost of freight, the amount will be too high.”

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