Lady And Her Boyfriend Nabbed In Edo After Fleeing With N1m Mistakenly Sent To Her

A Nigerian lady, Efije Josephine has been nabbed after fleeing with N1 million that was mistakenly sent to her account by a man she begged for money on Instagram.

She was arrested alongside her boyfriend in Edo state after the man who mistakenly sent the N1 million to her reported the case to the state police Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to the man, the lady, Miss Josephine begged him for N5,000 online to use and take care of her alleged sick mother.

He said he agreed to help her but wanted to send N1 million first to someone else before sending the N5k to her.

Unfortunately for him, he sent the N1 million to the account number the lady, Josephine sent to him.

The man said that he still went ahead to send N5,000 to Josephine not knowing it was her account number he credited the N1,000,000 to.

On realising his mistake, he tried to reach out to Josephine to send back the N1,000,000 but he deactivated her social media account and denied begging him for money, saying that her account was hacked.

After the man reported to the matter to police, they were able to trace the account number where the money was paid to and they found out it was Josephine’s boyfriend.

They were later arrested and their phones were seized. On going through Josephine’s boyfriend’s phone, a conversation of himself and a native doctor was found where he paid the native doctor N30,000 to make the man who sent the N1,000,000 forget about his money.

Watch the video HERE

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