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Jeff Bezos Becomes World’s First-Ever Person To Be Worth $200 Billion

World’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, has got even richer as he becomes the first person to have their fortune break the $200 billion barrier.

The Amazon CEO broke the wealth barrier on Wednesday as shares of his online store continued to surge.

56-year-old Bezos is now $77.7 billion richer than Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who long held the title of world’s richest man but who now sits in the No. 2 spot with $124.3 billion.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sits in third place with a net worth of $114.7 billion. Bezos owns 54.5 million shares of Amazon, representing a 10.9% stake.

He would have already easily surpassed the $250 billion mark had he not divorced his wife, MacKenzie Scott.

The mother of his four children, who received 20 million Amazon shares in the divorce, is worth $67.2 billion, making her the 13th richest person in the world.

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