Identity Of Man ‘Andrew’ Mentioned In Viral Video Of Nigerian Man Being Tortured In Pakistan

Real identity of the man mentioned as “Andrew” in the viral video of Nigerian man being tortured in Pakistan has been revealed as Andrew Okwudili Ezechi.

Andrew Okwudili Ezechi is the son of Akazuogu from Umudim village in Akwaukwu Idemili local government, Anambra State.

The victim is his cousin, whom he used as collateral in Pakistan.

Here is a video of a WhatsApp audio clip shared on Facebook;

Here’s a brief interpretation as the audio was recorded in Igbo.

So the real name of Andrew Okwudilli Ezechi aka Okwudili Mmuosa

Okwudilli is a drug dealer, who took the victim {his cousin brother} to Pakistan and used him as a human collateral to collect “merchandise” on credit from Parkistani drug lord.

According to the person narrating the story, he {Okwudili} has finished selling the merchandise and used the proceed to buy a car etc and from what is being reported, the suspect truly is “living the life”

Meanwhile, it is said that he has been lying to the Pakistani drug lord that the merchandise spoilt and they should send him more to mix it.

Hopefully the authorities will find the whereabout of Okwudilli Mmuosa and make him pay the Pakistani before Friday 10th of July 2020.

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