Here Is What El-Rufai Said About Southern Kaduna Killings On Channels TV

The Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, may have further fanned flames of division in his following his interview on Channels TV on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Speaking with Seun Okin of Politics Today on Sunday night, El-Rufai dismissed the concerns of Southern Kaduna leaders, saying that they’re lying about the situation of things in the long running crisis between Fulani and Southern Kaduna people.

Governor El-Rufai said that Southern Kaduna leaders are covering the culpability of their own people in the crisis so as to get public sympathy and financial support from outsiders.

“The crisis in Kaduna is a mix of ethno religious reasons and banditry has now been added to it.

The bandits do not discriminate against anyone; they attack any ethnic group.

I will like to see a situation where perpetrators of these crimes are sanctioned and even hanged.

Southern Kaduna elites have their own narratives about the crisis.

I will not appease trouble makers; I will not tolerate them.

We are not afraid of anybody and will deal with those who break the laws.

I am the Governor of Kaduna state. If I am not abused, who would be abused?

Unless people are willing to embrace peace, no number of military troops can resolve the issues.

All Nigerians are free to live anywhere in the country and I am ready to protect my people.

Southern Kaduna people want anyone who is not from there to be treated as second class citizens,” El-Rufal said.

When he was asked if he has visited Southern Kaduna since the outcry, he replied no and apportioned blames on corona virus.

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