As shared by APC Spokesperson and Social Commentator, Kayode Ogundamisi who wondered why a Pastor called by God will be predicting someone’s death especially that of the President, when Nigerians more pressing challenges.

Kayode on sharing the video of South African pastor, Samuel Akinbodunse making the claims, he wrote;

Just saw a video📺

“God told me @MBuhari will not see 2019 elections and he will die before the votes” Pastor claims.

Please what is the name of the Pastor?

When he was later furnished with the name of the South African pastor, he went further to add..

I wish that aside predicting @MBuhari’s death before Election Day. The “God” Men of “God”s such as Pastor Samuel Akinbodunse serve will also predict the passing of Boko Haram and ISWAP leaders. It appears the “God” they serve always miss those kind of people.

Watch The Video

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