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George Floyd: Black Protester Shot In Seattle (Video)

Mixed reactions as white white dude with a gun, drove into a crowd of protesters in Capitol hill in Seattle, pulled out a gun and shot at a black protester.

According to eyewitnesses, the man drove through the barricades, ploughed into crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters before exiting his car with a gun.

Multiple sources claim that the white dude shot at one of the protesters in his own self-defense.

The incident which happened on Sunday, sparked outrage on various social media platforms.

The shooter was later arrested by the Seattle Police Department East Precinct in Capitol Hill.

Apparently, the suspect is in police custody with his gun recovered.

The Seattle Fire (Emergency service), later transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center and officials said he is in satisfactory condition.

Police Officers further searched, but do not believe there are any additional victims.

What do you guys think about this matter?

Watch The Video Below

One Reply to “George Floyd: Black Protester Shot In Seattle (Video)

  1. I am short of words, I don’t really understand what the hell is going on with the whites now, especially in the u.s. A country I used to think is lawful has now become so lawless and full of shits and barbaric white racists. I think the black govt shld wake up from their stupid slumber and do something to protect the lives of their citizens living in the Diaspora. Finally if care is not taken with all this racism shits exhibited America is gonna lose the world power and they gonna fall fatally, those white animals would become fugitives cos #blacklivematters.

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