Ganduje’s Dollar Video On The Biggest Roundabout In Edo State

Ganduje’s Dollar Video is on repeat on the biggest screen,in the biggest Roundabout in Edo State.

Watch The Video Below


4 Replies to “Ganduje’s Dollar Video On The Biggest Roundabout In Edo State

  1. How can you choose a thief to be your leader if not that you are interested in his dirty hands take . I believe Edo people understand that nothing go for nothing.

  2. It serves Governor Ganduje right. How can a corrupt leader lead a campaign for an aspirant? It is as good as canvassing for a vote for his type. Edo is not really to vote for a lineage of corrupt family led Ganduje. I see APC as the most corrupt political party Nigeria has ever produced.
    I am hopeful that APC would be disgraced in Edo state.

  3. If not APC,which political party can still let someone like Gandollar go for a second term!
    If not APC,which party will allow it’s National Chairman like Adams Oshiomole be telling corrupt people to come and join APC?,as in “STEAL MONEY,JOIN APC AND YOUR SINS WILL FORGIVEN”quote and on quote!,look at the likes of Apabio,Orji Usor Kalu,etc!!!

  4. With this, Gandollar has been sent to wheel chair to face his paralysis earlier before the election. Obaseki carry go!

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