Elderly Man Caught With Used Female Sanitary Pads [Video]

Honestly speaking, wonders shall never seize to happen in this country.

As many are joining hands to make Nigeria safe for women, others are busy causing more problems.

Even when it’s now obvious that the government is out for criminals who indulge in putting the female folk at risk, this man here still had the guts to go picking used female sanitary pads.

The middle-aged man with name withheld, was caught this Saturday afternoon, June 6, with dozens of female sanitary pads.

In video making rounds online, the man was paraded and disgraced after finding female pads soaked in blood, in the nylon bag he was with.

The residents accused him of either intending to use the underwear for rituals or he sells them to ritualists.

According to reports, people caught him picking the used stuffs around a dustbin in the area and decided to question him.

On interrogation, he couldn’t give a convincing answer.

He was subsequently handed over to security operatives for proper investigation.

Watch The Video Below

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