Dubai Police Bust 20 Gangs, 47 Fraudsters Arrested

A couple who allegedly defrauded people by offering to provide domestic workers when the Covid-19 related travel restrictions were in place was among 47 people arrested by the Dubai Police.

The police have busted 40 gangs for various crimes under an operation code named ‘Crime of Shadow’. Ten women were among the 47 Africans who were arrested.

Maj-Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansoori, assistant commander for criminal investigation, said the gangs committed crimes ranging from cyber fraud to blackmailing, impersonation and theft.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, said the police detected the gangs’ criminal activities on social media and other websites.

The officer said 46 people complained about losing Dh3,000 each after being defrauded by a couple who promised them maids despite the borders being closed.

“The police were able to identify the couple and arrested them. They confessed to the crime and said they took money from many victims across the country,” the officer added.

Brig Jallaf said the police also received information regarding gangs that created female profiles on social media to lure men into their trap. “They would show interest in their potential victims and invite them to an apartment. However, when the victim arrived at the address, he would find a different woman there.

The rest of the gang would take photos of the victim in inappropriate positions and steal all his personal belongings, including mobile phones, money and bank cards. They would confine the victim to a place until they used the bank cards and stole his money.”

Brig Al Jallaf said when they released the victim, the gang members would threaten to share the photos on social media if he went to the police.

The police said the suspects were arrested from Dubai and neighbouring emirates. They allegedly used fake documents to rent apartments so that the police could not find them.

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