Dead Man Refuses To Be Taken Home For Burial (Video)

Dead man forced out of a casket after allegedly refusing to be transported home for burial in Anambra State.

It was alleged that all ambulances brought in to convey him to his hometown for burial, became faulty after his casket was placed in it.

After being frustrated, the family brought some fetish persons who forcefully lifted him out of the casket in broad daylight and carried him home.

In the video making rounds online, one of the spiritualist was seen saying some incantations before placing a figurine on the corpse’s upper torso. He said some more incantations before forcefully lifting him up, stretched one of his stiffened hands and lifted him unto himself, strutting home to the excitement of the youths of the community.x

The youths kept on praising the spiritualist as he carried the dead corpse. At a point, the dead corpse was transfixed to the ground. The spiritualist danced around it in a frenzy before lifting him again towards the direction of his home for burial.

The whole scene which resembled like a Nollywood movie caused uproar in the community as hundreds of people followed the spiritualist at a close distance.

The dead corpse was later put on the ground and the spiritualist lifted him on his head horizontally.

Watch The Video Below

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