Dangote Truck Loaded With Northerners, Intercepted In Delta Border [Video]

A truckload of travellers heading to Lagos state was intercepted in the early hours of today, May 11 at the border between Delta and Ondo state.

The travellers totalling 20 where coming from a northern state and heading to Lagos.

They’re all covered with trampoline not minding the hot weather.

According to a video making rounds online, the driver of the Dangote truck was asked by security operatives of what goods he was carrying and he said only cement. Only for them to find huge number of people covered in the truck.

The head of the Task Force team immediately ordered them down from the truck and their arrest too.

According to him, the intercepted persons will be convicted by the mobile court and charged for violating the interstate restriction.

While addressing his colleagues and security operatives on ground, he expressed disappointment that people are still moving under any small opportunity they got.

Watch the video below

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