Very few magnates excite the splendid tribute of a cheer in the wake of their most glorious feats. But Captain Hosa Okunbo, the chairman of Ocean Marine Solutions and entrepreneur extraordinaire, effortlessly commands the relentless tribute of a cheer at home and abroad.

Predictably, his ascent to the top was never a walk in the park. It required paying his dues and shunning the frivolous. Hence you would never find Okunbo concentrating on anything beyond business and philanthropy.

However, at the prestigious Omnia Strategy cocktail reception for all their worldwide clients and associates, at the Connaught Hotel, Mayfair, London, Captain Hosa Okunbo was one of the prominent guests. Dressed in sharp suit, he was understandably conspicuous at the event as he had enough time to chit-chat with other international businessmen.

Interestingly, Dr. Okunbo was with the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and his beautiful, Lady Cherie Blair, throughout the high-octane event.

And even though they come from two different cultures of economics and socio-politics, Tony and Okunbo, projected a wonderful medley of industry and excellence as they met. Hosa and the Blairs during the dinner, cut an enthralling picture as they laughed and enjoyed the merriments of the evening.

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