A young child was seen claspsing his hands to his tiny face in horror after being allowed to watch five men branded spies executed by Islamic State butchers.

ISIS is said to have 700 people from a camp in Syria and has vowed to execute 10 every day.

The men – alleged to have been passing information to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Force – are first photographed kneeling on the ground blindfolded as they await their fate.

A second image shows five ISIS fighters dispatching the captives with a single shot to the head delivered from 9mm handguns.

Behind them are other observers of the horror, while at the side stands the primary school-aged boy witnessing what no youngster should have to see.

The pictures were released by the group’s propaganda wing and the slaughter was said to have taken place in the Deir Ezzor regime.

It was not clear whether the men were part of the 700 people including several US and European nationals kidnapped from a refugee camp in the area last week.

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