“Blood Of Jesus” — Lady Screams As She Witnessed A Tragic Accident In Ondo State

“Blood Of Jesus” — Lady Screams As She Witnessed A Tragic Accident In Ondo State

A Nigerian lady is out here screaming the blood of Jesus and confessing God truly exists, after witnessing a tragic road mishap in the early hours of Tuesday, August, 11.

The ugly incident happened between a trailer and a Toyota Sienna along a highway in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo state.

According to the lady that witnessed the crash, the Sienna vehicle summersaulted into a valley while trying to dodge a trailer on high speed and in the same lane.

Immediately the accident happened, the trailer driver sped off, leaving the passengers in the Sienna bus to their fate.

Other motorists and some officials of the Ondo state Obstruction & Parking, who witnessed the crash, rushed to the scene to check for survivals.

As God may have it, every passenger in the bus survived the accident, including the driver.

It happened that a tree inside the valley blocked the vehicle from summersaulting further.

In a video making rounds online, the passengers are seen unscathed as they were rescued out of the valley.

This incident goes a long way to tell us that God truly exists.

Despite what some unbelievers are trying to do or say about his existence, he still shows himself strong.

To all those that have turned their backs on God, I appeal to you today to remember he is alive and the only true and just supernatural being

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