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Black Woman Slaps A White Woman In A Shop In Arizona

A video making rounds online, shows the moment a black woman reset the brain of a white woman with a slap across her for being racist towards her.

The incident which happened at a gas station in Arizona on Saturday, June 6, sparked outrage on social media.

In the video, the white woman walked into the shop at the gas station asking for help with the petrol pump that didn’t appear to be working.

Suddenly the two women were seen arguing, then the white woman started yelling at the black woman.

Things escalated real quick and soon after the argument broke out between them.

The man recording the video claims that he heard the white woman whom he describes as a ‘Karen’ tell the shopper to ‘go back to her country’ before telling the clerk behind the register not to serve the black woman.

The whole incident then moved to a face-to-face confrontation which sees the two women shouting at each other before the white woman shoved the black one.

It immediately led to a retaliation with the black woman defending herself and landed her a slap.

Watch the video Here

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