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Black Man Killed Again By US Police Officers In Louisville

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Another unarmed black man identified as David McAtee has been killed in Louisville on Monday Morning by the Louisville Police Department and nobody is reporting it.

David McAtee, the owner of a barbecue business in western Louisville, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers around 10:45am on Monday, June 1, 2020, an incident that’s now under local and state police investigation.

According to police officials, McAtee was killed as they’re trying to clear a large crowd in the ongoing protest at Dino’s Food Mart parking lot which was located near his barbecue stand.

After shooting him dead, his body was left outside for 12 hours.

Louisville Police Chief, Steve Conrad, said the National Guard and Louisville police were breaking up the large crowd there when someone fired a shot at them, law enforcement then returned fire.

The victims mother, Odesa Riley, had just lost her daughter in January.

According to her, David McAtee, was known as a “community pillar.”

“He was a good person, everybody around him would say that. My son didn’t hurt nobody, he didn’t do nothing to nobody,” she said.

David McAtee aged 53, operated his barbecue business at most popular corners, especially on weekends. But those who knew him more, said that he cooks at several community events across the nine neighborhood.

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  1. I think that the country USA was a great nation but no problem only God we rescue his own people from the hands of our Eminem. God we rescue the Blacks in Jesus name :Amen

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