As Police Officers Were Shooting In Abuja, This Is The Woman That Refused To Run Away

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Her name is Aisha Yesufu, she is almost 50 years old but she is a model to the generation that came before us.

During the protest in Abuja yesterday, October 10, 2020, Aisha Yesufu sat under the sun for hours, she didn’t even speak to any news station reporters or any journalist that tried to engage with her.

When she and other protesters advanced towards the Police Headquarters in Abuja around 6:20pm to request to see the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, armed policemen stationed within the building started firing teargas at them and violently disrupted the peaceful protest.

The protesters still vowed not to leave the premises of the building until the IG of police addressed them.

When the whole thing became too serious, policemen started beating and dragging some of the protesters on floor.

While everyone was running, this woman, Aisha Yesufu was walking casually in front of the police with her hand raised high in defiance.

Police officers reportedly beat her, threw 3 canisters towards her, called her a prostitutee & a useless woman yet it didn’t shake the woman.

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