Armed Robbers Caught On CCTV Breaking Into A House In Abuja [Video]

A family was saved by God in the early hours of Saturday, May 16 from the hands of heavily armed robbers.

This ugly incident happened in Abuja suburb.

The men of the underworld totalling 8, scaled the fence of the building to break into the house.

Some of the robbers/burglars, got themselves injured while scaling the electric fence.

After entering the building, they tried breaking the doors but to no avail as they’re all security doors.

They even went as far as using weapon on them but they couldn’t succeed.

After trying everything possible to gain entrance and failed, they left with disappointment.

While all these were happening, the owners of the house were all scared in their rooms watching through CCTV.

However, the CCTV footage has been submitted to the police for investigation and arrest of the criminals.

Watch the video below

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