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Angry Wife Catches Her Husband With Side Chick, Ruins His Date [Video]

Wife Pours Hot Soup On Her Husband After Catching Him With Side Chic [Video]



Wife Pours Hot Soup On Her Husband After Catching Him With Side Chic

A video showing the moment an angry wife busted her husband and his side chic having a lunch date at a restaurant has emerged online.

The scorned wife was left heartbroken after catching her husband with his lover chilling out.

In the video recorded by one of the customers in the restaurant, the woman revealed how she had been suspecting her husband of cheating on her with several ladies before finally catching him with the side chic.

The wife vented her anger on the lady a little, but concentrated more on the man (husband) because it was her husband who couldn’t control himself.

After disgracing the husband, she went ahead to pour him the hot plate of soup on their table.

The timely intervention of the restaurant staff helped to save the situation from getting worse.

The man was so speechless and confuse on what to say or act, till the wife left the premises angrily.

However, a customer who came to have his launch as well, was heard in the background saying “I can’t take this from any woman, I will just beat the hell out of her.”

Social media users have reacted to the incident with some criticizing the side chic for having an affair with a married man while others blamed the husband for cheating in the first place.

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Was She Out Of Order Or Is Her Action Justified?

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