Almajiris Coming To SouthEast Are Businessmen – Lai Mohammed

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed has claimed that the almajiris coming to the southeast which are been intercepted by the state security men in the southeast are businessmen.

He made this statement during the party meeting conference after the claims by the igbo leaders that almajiris are importing vulnerable weapons in the state.

He said, the southeastern governor and political stake holders should stop the illegal harrassment of of the northern businessmen who are to trade for business in southeast.

He also said; “despite the COVID-19 lockdown the northerners have the full legal right as a citizen to-go anywhere around the country without restrictions in the country, while making a further statement he also urges the northern governors to stop the deportation of almajiris”.

He also added that; the Igbo businessmen are been allowed to parade around the northern region without any restrictions or stopped from doing business.

It will be unlawful to reject any northerners or restricting them from coming in to do business in the south

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