Airport Workers Push Passenger Plane In Nigeria (Video)

Watch The Video Below

“Wonders shall never end,” man says, as he witnesses staff pushing a plane at an airport in Nigeria.

In the video making rounds online, about 15 men are seen clinging to the tyres of the passenger plane as they pushed it.

Planes don’t always taxi into position, there’s a small vehicle called a tow tractor/tug that is barely bigger than a golf cart that does the pushing and positioning.

In the absence of the tow tractor which is a shame, my Nigerian people decided to push a 36,000kg aircraft the manual way.

Honestly, boarding a plane in this condition is like asking to commit suicide.

Although this stuff has happened all over the world and not new to the aviation industry.

In a situation where there is no tug trucks or the plane is parked where the tug truck can’t access, manual push backs is carried out.

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