A Man Called His Wife A Witch & Sent Her Packing & 2 Years Later, This Happened

2 years after he sent her packing for being a witch, man goes on his knees to beg his wife for forgiveness.

A Nigerian man is on the lips of so many at the moment, following a video of him kneeling to beg his wife for forgiveness after 2 years of accusing her of being witch, infidelity and sending her packing from his house.

The said wife, named Chekwube, was left speechless after her estranged husband came begging with a popular Enugu pastor, known as Ihewejeweme.

The mother of the lady looked very uninterested anymore but as a typical Igbo mama, she will forgive the man, but not so fast.

The annoying part of this whole thing is the man never even asked about his children for 2 years yet he came begging for forgiveness.

The pastor at some point, tried to coerce the lady’s mother into “helping issues” but she insisted on the man coming again with every member of his family, in fact his people to beg properly.

Another observation i made in the video, is that they didn’t allow the man talk for himself and apologize properly, instead he knelt down while someone else spoke on his behalf!

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to beg his wife for forgiveness.

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  1. Hello, as an adage that says that, our mouths ‘s source of our problems, many people cause problems for themselves through their mouths, in nutshell this serves lessons for the people that like wagging their mouths any how.

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