75-Year-Old Grandma Marries Her Daughter’s Husband After She ‘Cheated’ On Him

A 75-year-old woman allegedly stole her daughter’s husband after she cheated on him.

According to reports, the 75-year-old woman and her daughter are fighting over the daughter’s husband who reportedly left the younger woman for the septuagenarian.

The grandmother, Galina Zhukovskaya is from the St Petersburg city in the western Russian region of Leningrad Oblast, married her daughter’s ex-husband back in 2010 after developing a friendship with him after her daughter had cheated on him, forcing him to leave his family. The granny had offered her daughter’s ex-husband a place to stay and that resulted in a love match that ended in marriage.

Now, the granny has come out to complain that her daughter, Elena Podgornaya, 56, is trying to steal her ex-husband, Vyacheslav Zhukovsky, 52, back from her.

She told local media that her daughter was unlucky in love as she has been facing challenges to get another man since she was dumped. The septuagenarian also alleged that her daughter is jealous of her success with her ex-husband and is trying to lure him back because “she is bored”.

“My daughter is probably jealous that mum is not alone. I have someone to talk to and she doesn’t. But he won’t get back to her. She cheated on him too much.”

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