7-Year-Old Girl Gets Her Abusive Grandparents Arrested In Ogun

A 57- year-old man, Joseph Akporugo and his wife, Janet, have been arrested for maltreating his seven-year-old grand daughter on allegation of using witchcraft to kill her biological father in Ogun State.

The little girl who is having wounds and scars all over her body, walked into the house of a Police constable living very closed to their house in Awa-Ijebu area of the state and reported her ordeal in the hands of the grand parents.

The little said she has been living with them since the death of her father. She also gave touching account of how the grand parents would put rubber on fire and use it to burn her all over the body.

She also told the Police that the couple kept maltreating her on suspicion that she was a witch and that she used her witchcraft to kill her biological father.

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