66-Year-Old Man Who Lures, Rapes Children With Chocolate Arrested In Yobe State

Parents and concerned residents in Yobe State are calling for justice after they found out that a man in their community had been defiling little children by luring them with chocolate and candy.

Baba Sahabi, 66, a resident of Daban Kare area of Sabon Gari in Yobe State, allegedly lures the children into his compound before raping them.

Sahabi was arrested after parents noticed the girls expressing pain in their private areas, which had been damaged due to repeated defilement. A resident of the area said, “He is always buying chocolates daily to use to lure the girls into his compound.

“The victims who live around his area were sexually abused several times by the randy man. He was said to have been very friendly with children and often offer them sweets.”

Parents of the victims said that they only discovered about the incident after the girls were showing signs of being in pain.

A check on their bodies showed that the victims’ private parts were severely damaged as a result of repeated assault.”

Sahabi is currently in police custody at the Gashua Area Command.

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