2 Robbers Caught Around 2am In Lagos, See How They Wanted To Kill An Taxi Driver

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Last night, the internet was thrown into panic, following reports of an Uberbolt driver that almost got beheaded by 2 robbers in Lagos state.

According to reports, the 2 criminals below ordered for a driver online through an app known as Bolt. When the driver came to Ikeja, they told him they were going to Ibeju-Lekki.

After the driver agreed to carry them, they drove off.

As they’re driving, they pleaded with the driver to park along Sangotedo area to pick up one of their girlfriends & before you know it, they started cutting his neck and head with Axe and dagger from behind.

The driver had to manage and escape with his small phone leaving the car behind for them.

The 2 criminals not knowing that the car (Toyota Corolla) had a tracker, stole it.

The driver of the car who managed to escape, had to quickly call his brother and also the owner of the car to inform them about his ordeal.

The tracker was then used to switch off the car engine. The fools thought it was fuel (Based on the trackers voice recording).

Having no money to buy fuel, they decided to sleep inside the car till morning as it was already late.

The car owner and police officers with the help of GPS located where they parked the car and apprehended them.

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